To help celebrate National Pet Wellness Month in October, PR Hacker conducted the 'Purr-ly Whites' National Pet Wellness Survey on behalf of our client, Meow Mix.

To conduct the survey, we asked 500 cat parents about their kitties' dental health routine. The results are simply fur-scinating:

1. 9 IN 10 CAT PARENTS THINK KITTY'S PURR-LY WHITES ARE IMPORTANT: According to the survey, 87% of cat parents think dental care is important for their fluffy friend's smile. Only 3% of cat parents disagree with that sentiment.

2. MOST CAT PARENTS AREN'T DOING MUCH FOR THEIR CAT'S TEETH: Despite acknowledging the importance of feline dental care, 84% of cat parents spend less than 10% of their kitty's vet bill on dental care. A mere 17% of cat parents actually brush their kitty's teeth!

3. MANY CAT PARENTS HAVEN'T DISCOVERED THIS SIMPLE CAT DENTAL HACK: 72% of cat parents enjoy surprising their kitty with treats. It comes as a surprise, then, that only 38% of cat parents kill two birds with one stone—making their cat happy AND healthy—by using treats formulated for dental care.

To celebrate the unique bond between cat parents and their kitties, and give them the chance to show off their purr-ly whites, Meow Mix launched a special 'Cat Giffer' on its Purrfect Together website. Feline fanatics can create a fun gif using three photos of themselves smiling with their kitty. Their creations can then be downloaded and saved or shared across social media.

Celebrate World Cat Day and check out all of the national holidays today at!

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