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In Los Angeles, the birthplace of some of the most innovative brands in the world, it's easy to get lost in the smog. To stand stand out against these competitive players, you need a strategy that helps your brand shine brighter than the Hollywood lights — you need PR Hacker. We are a premier Los Angeles creative branding agency, and we work through every aspect of your brand's messaging to sell your story. From eye-catching logos, world class graphic design, to complete brand identity guidelines, we work across marketing disciplines to help clients in entertainment, beauty, tech and other industries develop effective and dynamic brand strategies.


Our branding philosophy

We believe it's crucial to have an outsider voice to help clients define their message. That's why we meet with executive leadership to hear the story you tell — then we uncover the story you want your audience to hear. To identify your target audience, we explore the unique selling points of your brand. After that first step, we address the key components of your brand in four pillars.

  1. State of the market: We take a reality check of the current market, giving stakeholders a clear view of competitors and players in the landscape.
  2. State of the audience: We nail down the audiences most likely to respond to our brand, then determine how to activate them by running, completing, and analyzing data from surveys in real-time.
  3. State of the purpose: We differentiate our brand by looking at the promises we make and the promises our competitors make — then develop messaging that fills the gap and connects with consumers.
  4. State of the story: We analyze how our target audience shares and interacts with our brand story, diving deep across channels and formats.


Our branding process

Once we've crafted a compelling brand story, we move on to the visual elements that will shape the strategy.

  1. Visual territory. What images translate the brand story into an more visual approach?
  2. Brand identity guidelines. What fonts, colors, and iconography express our brand values?
  3. Logo. What central design concept ties together our brand story — and helps us stand out?
  4. Brand expression. Beyond visual identity, what intangible elements, like voice and personality, will bring our brand to life?


Los Angeles Hollywood Blvd. location

At our LA office, the names behind some of the most famous "brands" in the world are right outside our door — cemented forever in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. With these stars as inspiration, we're ready to launch your brand to the next level. Using media monitoring and social media, we evaluate the current conversation, then craft the brand story you need to cut through the noise. Our office is located off the 101 and 2 by way of Highland Ave, and we've got a great view of the city skyline.


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