Are you great at telling stories? Do you have a knack for knowing what others will find interesting and shareable? Can you turn ideas into high-quality prose in a matter of minutes, not hours? Are you witty, clever, and quick with a good pun? Do you ever read BuzzFeed headlines and think you could have done better than that?

If so, you could make a great Creative Copywriter (who we refer to in our company as a "content hacker"). It's an amazing opportunity for the right type of person because of the varied nature of our creative work and the opportunity to flex all of your creative muscles.

We're a small agency with really big ideas. We're disrupting the PR industry and reinventing it from the ground up. We try new things every day, and we'll give you the freedom to try new things. As an important member of our creative team, you'll write media pitches, long-form articles, creative scripts, tag lines, and more for some of the world's most iconic brands and create original content that will reach and impact a global audience.


  • Brainstorm interesting and viral story ideas and headlines
  • Craft catchy and newsworthy email pitches that we send to journalists
  • Write video scripts that are filmed by our viral film and video division
  • Collaborate with graphic designers and video editors on multi-faceted campaigns
  • Draft episodic social media scripts with great characters and fun story arcs
  • Develop surveys and infographic copy for use on client campaigns
  • Present your work to top-tier clients and be able to back it up with strategic insights
  • Dream up high-profile marketing campaign ideas for big brands
  • Write guest blog posts and magazine articles on behalf of company executives
  • Create content for use with key influencers, mommy bloggers, and social media stars
  • Write and develop presentations and pitches for speaking engagements
  • Develop case studies and reports that demonstrate our disruptive PR approach
  • Answer the question what holiday is today¬†with creative and relevant content

Requirements (unless you convince us otherwise):

  • 5+ years relevant work experience, preferably at an agency, in-house at a major brand, or as a journalist
  • An amazing sense of humor that is reflected in your writing
  • Ability to write to client specifications and graciously integrate feedback from various parties
  • Knowledge of trending cultural topics and a perpetually curious mind
  • Knowledge of the latest technology and social media trends
  • Writing samples that make us laugh, cry, applaud, or otherwise feel jealous that we didn't write them
  • Bachelor's degree or higher

Bonus Points:

  • Basic proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite
  • Other creative skills (photography, graphic design, videography, etc.)
  • Vocal performing abilities (we do a fair amount of voiceover work)
  • A love of cats and dogs (we have a lot of pet-related consumer clients)
  • Amazing organizational or project management skills

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.



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