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As the backbone of a multi-billion dollar economy, LA-based businesses face intense pressures, both internal and external. Being able to react to these crises in a quick and effective way can mean the difference between a learning experience and a fatal blow.

At our Los Angeles crisis communications firm, we also represent talent in the entertainment industry—solving personal brand crises with the same set of principles we apply to the business world.


Our crisis communications philosophy

A. We are fast

It's all about speed. When crises go viral, you can feel helpless, like you're stuck in a traffic jam on the 405 as the rest of the world flashes by. We're the best in the business at responding to negative news and brand threats in real time. Using our crisis communications methods, we also flag potential issues with your messaging ahead of time to prevent crises before they happen.

B. We mobilize your friends

When a crisis hits, we find credible allies in your online space to speak out vigorously on your behalf and counter the narrative coming from your critics. It's as important for your audience to hear from other consumers as it is directly from the organization, and we know how to mobilize.

C. We are local

With offices in cities throughout the country, we're able to tailor a response and mobilize influencers for Los Angeles and for other local markets. We understand negative news travels fast in LA and sometimes even faster throughout the rest of the country. Our ability to act both nationally and locally gives us a significant edge in protecting your company's interests.


The PR Hacker crisis communications process

1. First we listen

Before we jump into the media circus, we sit down with your top team and try to understand things from your point of view. How do you feel you've been covered unfairly? Has the press left out key details in the story? What external factors were at play?

2. Next we act

Then we craft content that opposes negative coverage, without delegitimizing or minimizing it. We spread your side of the story where it matters most— social media channels your customers hang out on—and then meticulously measure the impact of our efforts through press tracking and social listening.

3. Then we fix

Finally, once your wildfire has been put out, we work with your top team to understand the root of the problem, and hash out a set of concrete, actionable changes to ensure the crisis is not repeated.


Los Angeles Office

Where else would we be but Hollywood? Located right on Hollywood Boulevard, we can't help but feel the LA energy as we go about our work for clients. If you're looking for a Los Angeles crisis communications agency that can handle crises quickly and effectively, look no further.


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