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We're located in one of the most influencer-heavy cities in the world—and as one of the top influencer marketing agencies in L.A., we work hard to match brands to influencers who actually meet their needs and drive conversions. Thanks to the diversity of our influencer network, we're able to offer a full set of influencer marketing services to both large and small companies across many different sectors. That means the biggest production company and the small Silicon Beach startup are both covered. We specialize in publicizing these brands without sounding overly promotional or gimmicky—because the best message is one that's not forced.


Our influencer marketing philosophy

At PR Hacker, you'll rarely find us "paying-to-play." This is because paid influencer outreach is purely transactional. However, organic outreach builds deeply loyal fans and cultivates true relationships. Our idea of an influencer marketing agency is to make a real connection with the influencer's unique tribe so they make a real connection with our brands.

We're always working to cultivate these relationships behind the scenes—we love to invite our influencers to our events and attend theirs. The result is a carefully curated base of up-and-coming influencers—ones that have a rapidly growing base of hyper-engaged fans yet are overlooked by most agencies.

These influencers, surprisingly, have more leverage than paid, social media influencers—their audiences actually believe their recommendations and take them as gospel instead of scrolling right past them. Our Los Angeles office's influencer network is composed of thousands of these influencers with disproportionate leverage—allowing us to segment based on location, vertical, and format.


Our influencer marketing process

We always begin our influencer marketing process by working closely with our client to identify and agree on campaign goals. Then, we analyze our influencer network across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to decide which influencers have the audience reach, focus, and social media following that will help us achieve our stated goals.

We'll supplement our own network by researching which new influencers would be relevant to a target brand. Then, we'll reach out to them all with text, visual, and video content that's delightful—yet also talks about the benefits of our brand. We'll also give them a fun item in exchange for posting, or early access to our client's product. The end result of our process is compelling, authentic content that ladders to our brand's value proposition, features links to their website, and drives their stated goals.


Los Angeles Hollywood Blvd. location

We're located among some of the most iconic locations for influencers—from the Chinese Theatre to Ripley's Believe it Or Not and Madame Tussaud's. Because of this central and historic location, we're constantly rubbing shoulders with the people we work with—and taking our own selfies to start our influencer careers! Hollywood is where taste-making all started, and we're excited to carry on the grand tradition on LA's most famous street.


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