Top Blockchain Journalists

This cottage industry of sorts that seemingly sprang up overnight thanks to the rise of Bitcoin, has also created a new beat for journalists who have a front-row seat for this technology’s evolving role. To draw attention to the rise not just of blockchain but also this new category of journalism, we are recognizing the best of this blossoming beat with our Top Blockchain Journalist Awards.

Selecting the TOP Blockchain Journalist

This cottage industry of sorts that seemingly sprang up overnight thanks to the rise of Bitcoin in pop culture has also created a new beat for journalists and enterprising reporters who have a front row seat for this technology’s evolving role. To draw attention to the rise not just of blockchain but also this new category of journalism, TOP Blockchain is recognizing the best of this blossoming beat with our Top Blockchain Journalists Awards.

To select the reporters featured in our Top Blockchain Journalists Awards, we paid special attention to the reporters who have helped audiences better understand an emerging technology that is still largely unknown at best and wildly misunderstood at worst. When the public is playing eyewitness to a new technology unfolding, growing, and expanding in real-time, it’s critical that they have access to reporting–and journalists– that both tell the story and help readers, viewers, and listeners understand its impact. We identified writers who make Blockchain understandable, and who recognize that Blockchain could one day touch all our lives in one way or another. We began our search by seeking out major publications to find their most accomplished and impactful writers. We also used analytic tools to find out which writers have the widest reach and social influence. Lastly, we nominated journalists known for breaking major news in their respective fields. The result: the Top Blockchain Journalists Awards.

TOP Blockchain Journalists

10. Jon Rice Crytopbriefing

9. Brady Dale Coindesk

8. Kate Rooney MSNBC

7. Cade Metz New York Times

6. Olga Kharif Bloomberg

5. Paul Vigna The Wall Street Journal

4. Jeff Roberts Fortune

3. Camila Russo Bloomberg

2. Michael Del Castillo Forbes

1. Nathaniel Popper The New York Times

10. Jon Rice

Current Publication:CoinTelegraph
Beat:Tech & Finance
Twitter Followers:2.9K
Twitter Username:@JonRiceCrypto

As co-founder of Crytpo Briefing, one could argue Jon literally helped write the book on this field. He is now the managing editor at Cointelegraph, and his publications highlights the ideas on the use of Bitcoin and the impacts of government interference with cryptocurrencies. When he created Crypto Briefing, it was one of the few sites dedicated exclusively to quality journalism on Blockchain, and crypto has Jon to thank for his vision and work.

Signature Story

Like other writers dedicating their craft to this industry, any one of Jon’s stories could be considered his signature. Readers of Crypto Briefing trust his reporting, and anyone who is privy to his work is eagerly awaiting his next piece.

Why You’ll Want to Read

Few in the industry have been able to dedicate so much time and effort to tell the stories behind the rise of Blockchain and crypto. Jon is more than just a writer, he is the founder of a steady stream of content that anyone interested in this rising tech needs to pay attention to.

9. Brady Dale

Current Publication:CoinDesk
Twitter Followers:10.1K
Twitter Username:@BradyDale

Unlike most others on this list, Brady is all-in on Blockchain and crypto through his reporting for CoinDesk. As the world searches for trustworthy sources that are an authority on this industry to handle the topics they need to know and issues at hand, and Brady fits the bill (or coin). His expert grasp of the subject matter and how the rise of crypto and Blockchain has changed the way we live, make him an excellent source for novices and experienced Blockchain readers alike.

Signature Story

Since Brady’s sole focus is this burgeoning industry, each new piece he writes is a signature story in and of itself. He provides can’t miss coverage on all things Blockchain and crypto, meaning you never know what story he’s going to break next.

Why You’ll Want to Read

Blockchain might be taking the world by storm, but it is still relatively unknown in most circles. Just like there is Politico for politics and ESPN for sports, there is Coindesk for Blockchain. And if you are spending your time reading Coindesk, you need to be perusing the work of Brady.

8. Kate Rooney

Current Publication:CNBC
Beat:Crypto Markets
Twitter Followers:21.5K
Twitter Username:@Kr00ney

Cable news doesn’t place a strong focus on Blockchain and crypto, but Kate is changing that one story at a time through her work at CNBC. Since she was hired to cover these markets, CNBC has become a trusted source for crypto news, leading the narrative and helping people understand the growing importance Blockchain will have in our daily lives as trends grow.

Signature Story

On cable news, your next piece is always your signature one. Kate’s work on TV in the Blockchain and crypto space is second to none, and she is the go-to for viewers who want to get their news through this medium.

Why You’ll Want to Read

Kate is a trailblazer in the Blockchain and crypto space when it comes to bringing this type of reporting to the TV and cable news space. Others will surely follow in her footsteps, but she is currently unmatched in the world of Blockchain and TV news.

7. Cade Metz

Current Publication:New York Times
Twitter Followers:24.9K
Twitter Username:@CadeMetz

Cade’s focus is on big changes in tech, and nothing is changing the technological world as rapidly as Blockchain and crypto. His experience covering Artificial Intelligence (AI), driverless cars, and robotics has left him well suited to report on the latest and greatest tech has to offer. His voice and perspective give readers essential insights into the ways that Blockchain is changing the world around us.

Signature Story

Through his experience covering AI, Cade was able to pen a piece on how crypto and artificial intelligence are making types of computer chips scarce. This type of reporting isn’t commonplace in the Blockchain journalism space, but it is another instance of how this tech is reshaping the world.

Why You’ll Want to Read

No one covers Blockchain and crypto through the lens of other emerging technologies quite like Cade. Whether it is AI or driverless cars, Cade has a knack for reporting on the interplay between the technologies that are going to shape the world during the next century.

6. Olga Kharif

Current Publication:Bloomberg
Twitter Followers:13.5K
Twitter Username:@olgakharif

Olga doesn’t only cover Blockchain and crypto, but she does focus the bulk of her writing efforts on this emerging technology and how it is impacting not just US markets, but global markets too. From the British Virgin Islands to China, her reporting leaves no global crypto stone unturned. Her tenacity and candid opinions on the impacts of crypto and Blockchain have made her a leading voice in the industry and a top source of truth to the curious masses.

Signature Story

Olga’s signature is not limited to a single story. It is her knack for quality, global reporting. Perhaps no one in the industry is as well-versed on the impact Blockchain and crypto are having worldwide. For proof, look no further than her bylines in well respected global publications like the Toronto Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, and Sydney Morning Journal.

Why You’ll Want to Read

If your interest extends beyond just the latest US Blockchain and crypto news, then you need to read Olga’s work. Blockchain is a global phenomenon, and her reporting provides this emerging technology with the worldly platform it deserves.

5. Paul Vigna

Current Publication:Wall Street Journal
Beat:NY Moneybeat
Twitter Followers:33.9K
Twitter Username:@paulvigna

New York City is the center of the financial universe, and nobody covers this beat better than Paul. As Blockchain and crypto have gained steam in the financial world, the need for world-class reporting has intensified. Paul has not only answered the call, but is leading the charge in helping the masses understand crypto and the potential it can have for individuals, companies, and the world at large.unity.

Signature Story

Paul has done tremendous work covering Blockchain and crypto’s impact on markets and investors, including the potential pitfalls of investing in such a new, unproven technology. Just recently, he wrote a piece for the Wall St. Journal that captures this high risk, high reward investment opportunity perfectly: Buying shares in crypto firms is risky business.

Why You’ll Want to Read

Investing in emerging technologies is never an easy decision, and nobody covers this area of the financial world like Paul. His insights are well-researched and well thought out, and anyone hoping to understand the financial side of the Blockchain coin would do well to read Paul’s body of work.

4. Jeff Roberts

Current Publication:Fortune
Beat:Law & Tech
Twitter Followers:12.4K
Twitter Username:@jeffjohnroberts

Jeff has had a successful career reporting on law and tech. While he is best known for dazzling audiences with his pieces on legal journalism, he has carved out a nice spot in the Blockchain and crypto space as well. Although he currently pens work for Fortune, he has also been featured in the likes of Bloomberg, CNN and CNN Business, Reuters, and Business Insider. His work tackles all things tech, including emerging technologies like Blockchain.

Signature Story

Recently, Jeff has written a series of articles detailing Facebook’s foray into Blockchain and crypto. From the highs and lows to the overall Blockchain outlook for one of the world’s most recognizable companies, his reporting on this ever-evolving storyline is second to none.

Why You’ll Want to Read

Blockchain and crypto are touching every aspect of our lives, just like Facebook has for more than a decade. Nobody is covering the relationship between the two better than Jeff, and this isn’t a story that is going away. For the latest and greatest on two of the world’s biggest, most impactful technologies, Jeff is your go to.

3. Camila Russo

Current Publication:Independent
Twitter Followers:44.3K
Twitter Username:@CamiRusso

After recently leaving Bloomberg to become an independent journalist, Camila is slated to release a book with Harper Collins at year’s end on Ethereum, the world’s second largest cryptocurrency. Her work has helped shine a light on the rise and struggles of the world’s largest cryptocurrency-focused Blockchain giants, and her work has appeared in multiple global and national outlets, including The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, Medium, and the Bloomberg family of media and publications.

Signature Story

Camila’s reporting on Ethereum has been so accomplished and so in depth that she scored a book deal from Harper Collins to examine its rise and the crypto-bubbled it created. For Bloomberg, she wrote a piece titled Security or Not, Etereum’s Soul Searching Isn’t Over, which provides a detailed look at the company’s struggles and its path forward. This work is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the ups and downs faced by the entire Blockchain and crypto industries.

Why You’ll Want to Read

Camila is a writer who takes time to explore stories beyond face value. Her in depth reporting gives readers a true glimpse behind the scenes of the stories, subjects, and companies she’s covering, and it’s no surprise her work resulted in a major book deal. For an even broader view of the industry as a whole, Camila also covers other emerging markets on a similar trajectory.

2. Michael Del Castillo

Current Publication:The Nonprofit Chronicles
Twitter Followers:39.3K
Twitter Username:@MarcGunther

Since 2011, Michael has been educating readers on Blockchain and its impact on businesses, markets, and communities. Beyond Bitcoin, Michael covers the rise of non-crypto currency Blockchain in a wide range of industries–a subject that not many people know about. He has also written for Coindesk, and his work has appeared in a wealth of publications, such as the New Yorker, Yahoo Finance, and Business Journals in cities across America.

Signature Story

Michael’s deep dive into whether or not Blockchain can reinvigorate Detroit’s long struggling auto industry is the exact kind of work that is needed to help readers better understand this new and emerging technology. While most people go straight to Bitcoin when they hear the words “Blockchain” or “cryptocurrency”, the technology is capable of so much more.

Why You’ll Want to Read

Del Castillo excels at going beyond the commonplace currency-focused financial themes of most Blockchain journalism, providing readers with a more in-depth look and a better understanding of the industry as a whole. From Ford and GM to Microsoft and the United Nations, Michael has his finger on the pulse of the wide Blockchain world.

1. Nathaniel Popper

Current Publication:New York Times
Twitter Followers:42.4K
Twitter Username:@nathanielpoppe

In addition to covering finance and technology for the New York Times, Popper is the author of a book on Blockchain and cryptocurrency, Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside Story of the Misfits and Millionaires Trying to Reinvent Money. Through his articles for the NYT and his published book, Nathaniel has been at the forefront of educating readers on this industry since its early stages..

Signature Story

Popper’s book, Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside Story of the Misfits and Millionaires Trying to Reinvent Money, provides an in depth look at Bitcoin’s meteoric rise and the individuals behind its coming out party. For experts and laypeople alike, it provides a comprehensive history of a technology that is reshaping the world of tech and finance in real time.

Why You’ll Want to Read

Popper’s knowledge of the Blockchain industry and its meteoric rise are unmatched. Through both his newspaper reporting and his book, he is a journalistic authority on all things Blockchain, crypto, Bitcoin, and beyond.