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For social media stars, there's no truer mecca than Los Angeles. However, a competitive social media strategy extends far beyond leveraging the fan bases of these stars to tell your brand story (although our LA influencer marketing services does just that). At PR Hacker our Los Angeles social media agency offers community management, social growth services, and content creation for engagement on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. In the true LA spirit, we specialize in viral videos. We've launched social media campaigns for clients in some of the city's biggest spheres, like entertainment, music and style. LA may be the business headquarters of the West Coast, but it also boasts a growing startup scene — we've mastered social media for beauty, style, and food and beverage startups as well.


Our social media philosophy

We break "going viral" into a science. We've invented a multi-channel storytelling approach that ensures we can create compelling, click-worthy content at never-before-seen speeds. First, we start by creating tension, character arcs, and storyline. These traditional storytelling methods keep the audience hooked. Then, we use audience targeting to perfect our message. We multivariate test headlines, captions, emotional triggers, calls to action and more. This allows us to reach audiences with a laser focus — and find new followers based on interest and location targeting.


Our social media marketing process

Trends and interests move quickly — and even faster in Los Angeles. Lots of other companies fail to keep up. With our background as a public relations agency, PR Hacker has cracked the 24 hour news cycle — we're able to plan, produce, and analyze content at shockingly fast speeds. We can dive into your social channels in detail and return with a full editorial calendar, proposed targeting strategies, and an informed view of your current key performance indicators within 5 days. We engineer our content to drive social shares using viral triggers that activate emotions. We also optimize our messaging for different audiences — we tailor content by age, interest, location and more to reach new consumers.


Los Angeles Hollywood Blvd. location

PR Hacker is only a stone's throw away from the beginning of the Hollywood Walk of Fame—and if you work with us, we can get you there. If Hollywood Boulevard is the historic backbone of LA, our office is the birthplace for new stars. We're close off the 101 or the 2 by way of Highland Ave. Our energetic, dog-friendly office has a gorgeous view of the skyline.


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