PRH Today is a project of the team at PR Hacker, the fastest-growing agency in the world.

We’ve created a different kind of agency. Everything we do is data driven, growth focused, and viral optimized. We are obsessed with testing, measurement, and continual improvement. We have shortened the time to impact, creating hockey-stick growth to achieve key business goals. We embed psychological triggers and activate key emotions that incite action.

What does it all add up do? We achieve results that are 25x to 100x more effective than anything the industry has ever seen.

Our clients include startups (Postmates, Harmless Harvest), global luxury brands (Mercedes), and some of most successful companies in the world (Budweiser, Smuckers, Milk-Bone) and span across industries including technology, health, food, beverage, education, pets, and more.

We work across all integrated marketing disciplines including public relations, influencer marketing, experiential events, video production, and brand strategy.

PRH Today is where we share our insights with the world. Welcome.

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