A new national study by Datadipity has analyzed America’s Halloween costumes—and found they reveal a lot about their personalities. To shed light on America’s Halloween plans, Datadipity asked 1,000 Americans to share their Halloween dress up plans.

Most Americans will bring the humor this Halloween. The most popular categories of Halloween costumes include:
• Humorous (30%)
• Cute (21%)
• Scary (20%)
• Sexy (16%)

But what will these costumes be? Here are America’s most popular options:
• DIY (42%)
• Traditional Halloween character (16%)
• Superhero (12%)

To determine what these costumes say about Americans’ personalities, Datadipity surveyed Americans about their costume choices and their personality archetypes. Here are America’s top 5 costumes and what they’re likely to say about the wearer’s role in their friend group:

• DIY Costume: Respondents had a 1 in 5 chance of being classified as the therapist type.
• Traditional Costume: There’s a 23% chance respondents are the party animal of their group.
• Superhero Costume: 42% of respondents said their friends would categorize them as the sporty type.
• Pop Culture Costume: There’s a 44% chance they’re either the party animal or the sporty type.
• Animal Costume: 27% of respondents identified as the party animal type, while 19% are bookworms.

For full survey results, see America’s planned costumes and what they say about them below: