PRH Today was born out of our own desire to be the best at spreading ideas.

In our work at PR Hacker, the fastest-growing agency in the world, our job is to help our clients hone and share their message throughout the media. But we found that in pursuit of that work, we were also constantly sharing insights with each other.

In fact, each day our team-members shared so many links to cool campaigns, fascinating data studies, SEO strategies, and other insights that we started a Slack channel just to keep track of them all.

Eventually, the Slack channel evolved into a treasure-trove of marketing resources that covered every discipline. We realized that the archive was an incredible resource and was worth preserving. But the value wasn’t just in a load of links — the conversations that analyzed the links and distilled them into lessons that we could use in our work were the real value.

We wanted wanted to capture those insights in a more permanent and reader-friendly way, and we wanted to share the fruits of our research with others — agencies, brands, clients, anyone interested in great ideas and how to spread them. We were already being called the “Buzzfeed of PR firms” — but what if we also became the Buzzfeed of PR insights?

We wanted to create the best source for marketing insights across disciplines including influencer marketing, video production, public relations, crisis communications, experiential events, and brand strategy.

So we built it — and they did come. Other agencies, brands, and marketers found value in our work and sought out our insights, and it wasn’t long before media outlets covering business and marketing topics started linking to us, too.

PRH Today is a passion project, and we hope our enthusiasm is as infectious as our ideas.