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Because the world gets more visual every day, multimedia content has become an indispensable element of a successful brand strategy. Our Los Angeles video production services focus on telling stories without words—tapping into emotions instead to create the urge to share an idea. And we keep up with the speed of trending content and the breaking news cycle to make sure consumers always have new ideas to share.


Our video production philosophy

The industry norm is to build content that the creators predict consumers will share. But PR Hacker is a different kind of video agency. We ask, "What if you could guarantee—not predict—a video's viral velocity?" We look at what kind of content our target demographic is already sharing, and then create content that's similar. However, we add value to the equation that ensures consumers always share.

Additionally, there are different types of videos that we tailor to each platform we share it on, since the content that goes viral on Facebook is vastly different from what will spread on Twitter or Pinterest. We employ an arsenal of tactics, including video SEO, to ensure our videos are seen through search. And, if consumers see them, they'll share them.

We also add effective hooks to each piece of content to ensure their success on social. We've created hacks to make sure we grab the attention of our target audience in the first 5 seconds of our piece of content and keep it until we're done delivering our message. These include everything from an intriguing thumbnail to a viral concept like a feline tech correspondent for Mashable (yes, that was us).


Our video production process

An essential part of video communications is making sure we convey the right message about a brand—not just any message. We're experts at helping them find their pride points, and then communicating them through valuable, visual stories.

We infuse each piece of content with emotion that inspires actions, evokes laughter, or tugs on heartstrings—and leaves viewers waiting for the next story.

We tailor the action we inspire to a client's key milestones, keeping distribution top-of-mind and shaping the final product to position the brand effectively.


Our Los Angeles location

We're located right on Hollywood Boulevard. It's an iconic location for film, from the Walk of Fame which starts steps away from our door to classic establishments like Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum.

We're also equidistant from Beverly Hills, Burbank, and Downtown LA—established city hubs great for filming the next viral flash mob or for interviewing strangers on a street corner. Did we mention we can livestream with the backdrop of the Hollywood Hills?


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