Our Dallas Office

Why we love Dallas

Dallas may have got its start in oil, but today it's home to all sorts of companies: from fortune 500s like AT&T to all the Mom and Pop joints that keep the city special.

We work with companies of all sizes, in all industries — helping them show off their products, plan their events, meet their super-fans, and define their story. You'll find our Dallas office right on McKinney Ave the heart of Dallas Uptown, a hop and a skip from the McKinney stop on the M Line. So if you're looking for a national agency with local reach, drop us a line.


A day in the life at PR Hacker Dallas

Many Dallas based PR Hackers start their day by hopping on the M Line. From there, they'll grab a cup of coffee (or two) at DMA Cafe, and head in to the office for another day at our Dallas office.

On any given day, you can find our Dallas PR Hackers running a PR campaign for a world-leading beverage company, connecting a new cryptocurrency company to the right influencers, managing social media for a biotech giant, or shooting viral videos to put a fintech start-up on the map. Once we've helped define your brand, our accounts team works hard to put it in the right hands—working all the Chicago media outlets that matter. But don't think for a second PR Hackers just sit in front of their computers all day: our experiential marketing team has put on everything from thought-leader seminars to hilarious viral stunts—always thinking how we can ladder customer experience back into your brand's goals.

On any day of the week, you can find our Dallas team shooting a crisp promotional video for a national pet food brand, running 6 social media channels for a hot Dallas start-up, or working to rebrand a major Texan oil company. Once we've hashed out your brand, our award-winning accounts team make sure to get it in the right hands—working with top Dallas media outlets, and our thousands strong network of social media influencers. But don't go thinking that PR Hackers just sit in front of screens all day: our crack experiential marketing team has pulled off everything from viral stunts to national conferences (and everything in between).

Our secret sauce is balancing the art of content creation with the science of marketing. We create content full of psychological triggers that activate key emotions, and spur customer action. But we also A/B and multivariate test everything we push, continuing to optimize our campaigns as data flows in.

So while we offer diverse services to diverse clients, PR Hacker keeps one thing the same: a data-driven, viral optimized, and growth focused approach.


PR Hacker Dallas after dark

PR Hackers keep busy — but we also have fun, whether it's drinks at the Happiest Hour, a night out at the Lizard Lounge, or a stand-up routine at the Tavern on Main Street.

When it comes to after-work grub, we're spoiled for choice. There's the healthy option (Whole Foods), the somewhat healthy option (Stampede 66), and the downright artery-clogging option (Shake Shack). Luckily, we can burn off those calories with a stroll in one of Uptown Dallas's many local parks — Pike, Reverchon, and of course Klyde Warren right next door.

The more culturally minded among us find themselves right next to the Dallas Museum of Art, the Winspear Opera House, and the historical Virgin of Guadalupe Cathedral. If anything, we have too much culture nearby. So there's always something to grab our attention before we head home and do it all again!


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.