Our Los Angeles Office

Why we love Los Angeles

We're constantly inspired by our location in one of the world's most creative and artistic cities. Just look at how many stars are on the walk of fame in front of our office—in fact, the entire Hollywood Walk of Fame starts just steps away from our front door. We're always on a quest to channel and emulate these visionaries by integrating compelling storytelling in our work for all our clients, whether they're a Hollywood studio or a small tech startup. On the way to creating the world's next viral campaign, you'll find PR Hackers basking in the history of our surroundings (and having some fun, too). You'll find us posing with our favorite celebrity at Madame Tussand's Wax Museum or busting myths at the Ripley's Believe it Or Not Museum. You might even find us catching a premiere at the TCL Chinese Theatre—or at least walking past longingly. Whether we're having fun at the movies or even just attending yoga at the studio close to our office, you'll find PR Hackers enjoying themselves all over.

A Day in the Life at PR Hacker LA

We start our days like every other LA resident—driving into the office and looking for parking! Fortunately, our office is equidistant from Burbank, Beverly Hills, and Downtown LA which makes it an easy commute from anywhere in Los Angeles. Even more fortunately, there are two parking garages behind our office. Before work, you'll find our more athletic PR Hackers catching a class at CorePower Yoga down the street. The others make sure to grab their daily coffee from Tiago Coffee before getting down to work. At any given day, we'll be working on a different suite of services for our clients—and getting to flex our creative muscles switching between social media, experiential events, and mass-media public relations ensures there's never a dull moment. When it's time to take a break, you'll find us sampling some of the delicacies LA is famous for at Shin Ramen or Box Choy. And when it's time to leave for the day, you'll find us eating even more food—whether we're grabbing a quick snack at Cantaloop Frozen Yogurt or going back for seconds on ramen. Then, it's time to get back to our cars and commute back home—and do it all again the next day!

Our Los Angeles Services

In our Los Angeles office, we specialize in the following services: 

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