Our Nashville Office

Why we love Nashville

From amazing music to beautiful Cumberland River scenery, we love our Nashville office. Our office is located in the heart of downtown Nashville, placing us next to some of the world's most innovative startups you've never heard of (but you will have after we get our hands on them)!

When we're not shuttling to client meetings in neighborhoods like Germantown, Buena Vista, and East Bank, we're taking in all that Nashville has to offer. You'll find our team visiting the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum, hanging at the Tennessee State Capitol, or even lounging right by the Cumberland River. We love to work hard and play hard—and there's no better city to do it in.


A day in the life at PR Hacker Nashville

We start our day by commuting into the office from neighborhoods all over Nashville. While you'll find some PR Hackers carpooling, we're also conveniently located by the Music City Star Riverfront Station. Lots of PR Hackers choose to take advantage of Nashville's public transit—we can't say the same for our LA office!

Next is coffee—always coffee. We'll grab a quick cup from Another Broken Egg Cafe, Frothy Monkey, or Back Alley Diner on the way into the office, and then we start making magic happen for our clients. We work with both clients down the street and across the country, so you'll find us taking conference calls in all different time zones.

At the office you'll find PR Hackers hashing out brand strategy with the top teams of some of Nashville's biggest companies, shooting viral videos for a scrappy wearables start-up, planning a 10x growth SEO strategy for a small business, or crafting the perfect hook for local journalists.
Once we've turned your pride-points into a compelling brand narrative, our award-winning accounts team make sure to get it in the right hands—working with local and national media outlets, while not ignoring the thousands of social media superstars that turn stories from trending to viral.

Of course, PR Hackers do just as much outside of the office as in: our events planning department is always thinking of how to craft the perfect customer experience, and has pulled off everything from viral stunts on a street corner to national conferences.

So—what's our secret?

At PR Hacker, we treat content like an art and marketing like a science. Our videos are all built around proven storytelling principles and timeless character archetypes, while our office relies on relentless A/B and multivariate tests, which ensure your campaigns improve as they continue to generate data.

Rest assured, no matter what you hire us for we'll approach it with data-driven, viral optimized, and growth focused mindset.


PR Hacker after dark

After work is over, we love to take advantage of some of our local happy hours. We love to visit eclectic bars like Acme Feed & Seed and Rock Bottom to truly bask in local Nashville culture.

For food, we enjoy hitting up some of Nashville's world renowned restaurants—we love Puckett's for some good ol' Southern food, or The Southern Steak and Oyster if we're feeling particularly fancy.

Our music lovers are also happy to hit up locations like BB King's Blues Club, Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar, and Wildhorse Saloon. There's always live music playing somewhere in Nashville, and you can count on PR Hacker music enthusiasts to chase it down.

Our more scholarly PR Hackers will skip happy hour, opting instead to visit museums like The Johnny Cash Museum and Frist Center for the Visual Arts. There's always knowledge to be gained, and creative displays to inspire our client work—and PR Hackers love it. After we're done enjoying the city, it's time to commute home and do it all again.


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.