Our Miami Office

Why we love Miami

Plenty of iconic companies are making magic happen in the Magic City—from Caterpillar, to Hilton, Bacardi, Marriot, and American Airlines. It's a place where people can crush work till 6, and relax on the beach until sunset. That's why PR Hacker is so happy to have an office in the heart of the city, a stone's throw from Brickell station, and a walk from Downtown and East Havana.

We help clients of all sizes, across all industries: from giants in the hospitality industry, to scrappy B2C start-ups making the new "silicon beach" happen. If you're looking for industry leading video production, social media outreach, influencer marketing, or crisis communications, drop us a line!


A day in the life at PR Hacker Miami

Most PR Hackers commute in to Brickell station—if we're not crowding into an Uber Pool that is. From there they may grab a coffee (or two) from Starbucks, and head in to the office to make some magic happen for all their clients in the Magic City.

Once at the office, you'll find our teams shooting a viral video on the beach, crafting (and testing) the perfect pitch for a Miami New Times journalist, meeting with a CEO to hash out branding guidelines, drafting a social media campaign reports, or connecting a fintech start-up with the right influencers. Once we've distilled your brand's story and image, our award-winning PR team work hard to get it in the right hands—working with top Miami and national media outlets, along with our thousands strong network of social media superstars, across Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and the blogosphere.

But don't go thinking that PR Hackers just sit in front of screens all day: our events planning team has pulled off all sorts of hits, from hilarious man-on-the-street viral stunts to thought-leadership conferences.

So, how do we deliver industry-leading results time after time?

In a word, we treat content creation like an art and content marketing like a science. WE create story driven content, full of psychological triggers that activate key emotions and spur customer action—but also A/B and multivariate test everything we promote, continuing to refine our campaigns, and honing in on new segments, as new data flows in.

No matter what project we're working on, you can bet that PR Hacker Miami is data-driven, viral optimized, and growth focused.


PR Hacker Miami after dark

After work is over, we love to take advantage of Miami's rich nightlife. The Magic City is famous for its clubs, and PR Hackers are no stranger to some of South Beach's livelier establishments like Mango's or Do Not Sit on the Furniture.

The comedy snobs among us might make a trip to Villain Theater or Just the Funny (not an entirely accurate name on open-mic night). Finally, we know Miami isn't all about bars and clubs: we love the Miami Art Museum, the Institute of Contemporary Art, and all the stuff you can see for free in Wynwood!


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.