Our Seattle Office

Why we love Seattle

From our office near Pike Place Market, PR Hacker gets to back in the sights (and smells) that make Seattle such a unique place to live and work.

Located in Seattle's thriving business district, we're seated next to corporate giants like Amazon and burgeoning tech startups alike—letting us flex our wide range of services for a diverse set of clients. While we specialize in public relations, graphic design, and brand strategy, PR Hacker Seattle offers most integrated marketing services across disciplines. We work hard, but we also enjoy all of Seattle's charm—from Discovery Park to Occidental Square.


A day in the life at PR Hacker Seattle

Our office falls right between bus stops on Virginia, Pine, and Stewart St—not to mention the Westlake & Olive Way light rail station—our morning commute is an easy one, no matter what direction you're coming from.

Once we're properly fueled, you'll find the PR Hacker team producing crisp promotional videos for a Seattle start-up, managing a mission-driven Corporate Social Responsibility campaign, posting Instagrams of gorgeous Mount Baker homes for a real estate client, hashing out a small business's SEO, or redefining an edtech company's brand message. Once we've nailed your story, our award-winning accounts department make sure it gets in the right hands—using our relationships with local Seattle media outlets, national news stations, social media influencers, and big names on the blogosphere.

Of course, just because we make magic happen online doesn't mean we spend all our time in front of a screen. Seattle is a city that runs on experiences, and PR Hacker's experiential marketing team has put on events of every scale, for every budget.

So, how do we deliver industry leading results time and time again?

Some agencies are analytical, some are creative. Our office is both. We come at content creation like an art, and content marketing like a science. That's why we create story driven videos and posts, full of psychological triggers that activate our audiences emotions—but also A/B and multivariate test everything (and we do mean everything) we put out.

No matter what you have us working on, you can be sure that PR Hacker Seattle will approach the project with at a data-driven, viral optimized, and growth focused mindset.

Our yogis start their day at Urban Yoga Spa across the street, while their bulkier counterparts flock to Elliot Bay CrossFit. With the energy already flowing, we meet at the office to start cranking out creative ideas for our clients. We might spend the morning pitching local journalists stories on one of Seattle's hot new startups, or posting Instagrams of gorgeous Mount Baker homes for a real estate client, or even running crisis communications for a CPG brand. In the afternoon, the tea drinkers split to Steepologie, while the coffee heads make a quick stop by Monorail.


PR Hacker Seattle after hours

We hit the town again after work—catch us at Suite 410 for happy hour cocktails, or enjoying a few draft beers at Tap House Grill. On the weekends, our ambitious hikers head up to Mount Baker, our film snobs catch a show at the SIFF, and our sports buffs tailgate at CenturyLink Field.

Our yogis often close their day at Urban Yoga Spa across the street, while their bulkier counterparts flock to Elliot Bay CrossFit.

At PR Hacker Seattle, we all recharge in our own way—so we can come back to tackle our work with fresh ideas.


Our Seattle services

In our Seattle office, we specialize in the following services:


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.

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