Our Toronto Office

Why we love Toronto

Toronto is the world's most multicultural city. We love it for its diversity, its innovation, and its class. We're right in the thick of things, nestled between Old Toronto, Downtown, and Chinatown—which means we're spoilt for culture, food, and nightlife. On any given day you'll find us strolling over to the Hockey Hall of Fame, taking in the sights in Graffiti Alley, or grabbing Bimi Bop at the Korean Grill House.

Regardless of what industry you're in, or how many employees you have, our office can help you meet your goals—with a full suite of services including social media marketing, traditional PR campaigns, crisis communication, and video production.


A day in the life at PR Hacker Toronto

Most PR Hackers start our day hopping off at the Osgoode stop. Then we grab a coffee or two at Roastery Coffee House (or Starbucks in a pinch). Once we're adequately caffeinated we head into the office, ready for another day of helping Toronto's leading businesses make magic.

On any given day, you can find our Toronto PR Hackers connecting a new cryptocurrency platform to the right influencers, managing social media for a hot new fintech company, shooting viral videos to put a global pet food brand, or putting together a world-changing CSR PR campaign.

Once we've helped define your unique brand story, our PR team works hard to put it in the right hands—working all the Toronto media outlets that matter, along with our network of influencers across Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and the blogosphere. But don't think for a second PR Hackers just sit in front of screens all day: our experiential marketing team has put on unforgettable events across the city—always thinking how we can ladder unforgettable experiences back in to your business goals.

While other PR firms treat virality as a fluke, we approach it like a science. That's why we A/B and multivariate test every piece of content we release on your behalf, optimizing the campaign, and narrowing in on new verticals as data comes in. Finally, we integrate psychological triggers into our content—activating key emotions, and spurring audiences to take immediate action.

Yes, here at PR Hacker Toronto, our services are as diverse as the clients we offer them to. But whatever project we're heads-down on, in whatever industry, we always stay data-driven, viral optimized, and growth focused.


PR Hacker after dark

When the sun goes down on Toronto, the fun begins. You can find PR Hackers dancing the night away at Lost and Found, getting their chuckles in at Comedy Bar, or soaking in the culture at the Spadina House.

As for food —we're spoilt for choice. Cafe Crepe offers some of the best French Food in the city (which is saying something), while Momofoku serves up NYC style noodles on the fly. When the weather cooperates, we can even eat outside at Grange Park or David Pecaut Square.

Ultimately, every PR Hacker is different—and we feel immensely lucky to live in a city that has something for everyone!


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.