We identify drivers.

To achieve high growth, we work together closely with our clients to understand the key drivers of their business success. Then we custom-tailor each PR strategy to propel our clients closer to their goals. Consider this: A media placement in a top-tier publication like The New York Times may have a great deal of prestige, but sometimes a very targeted placement in a lesser-known, but influential blog can drive more social sharing, viral buzz, and sales than even a typical top-tier hit.

We shorten development.

In addition to our daily focus on the open-rates and placement rates of each pitch, we also respond to monthly or quarterly data supplied by our clients, including sales numbers, app downloads, and website traffic. We look at the whole picture to see where our efforts have been effective — and then work to redouble those efforts.

We iterate quickly.

As clients let us know which media placements are driving the most bottom-line results and we “pivot” our PR efforts to get more of the same. The could mean reworking an entire editorial calendar midway through a campaign, or it could mean slight tweaks in headlines going forward. We are intent and laser-focused on doing what works for our clients.

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.