We think differently.

We use a four-factor "Outside > In" discovery process and facilitated sessions with your executive team to explore the four key components of you brand: Reality (What is the state of the market?); Audience (Who is most likely to respond to our brand — and what will activate them respond?); Promise (What promise does our brand make to its users and other stakeholders—and how do we live up to this promise?); and Brand Story (What name and narrative helps brings our brand to life for our users?)

We develop identity.

A systematic three-review "Outside > In" process helps the team develop the brand icon, system and guidelines to align with the strategy. We use visualization to identify images that help translate the brand story into something more visceral and immediate. Then we explore how we want to convey our brand values across channels with color, font and iconography. Finally, using our learning, we design a central design concept that cuts through the noise and brings our brand story to life.

We express creatively.

With the strategy and visual components of the brand in place, we move on to creating the assets that make the brand tangible, real, and ready to interact with the rest of the world. We develop a personality so that our brand can survive and thrive in a fast-paced world — how will it show up and make a memorable impression? Then we develop our voice, not only what our brand will say, but how will it speak to create long-lasting relationships with our users.

Let's create amazing together

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