Toronto Branding Agency

PR Hacker Toronto understands corporate branding is about more than bright colors and pretty fonts. It's about story. That's why we work with your top team to understand what makes your company special before pushing a pixel or drafting a slogan. We've worked with hundreds of clients, from global B2B giants to scrappy B2C start-ups—and know how to spread your message, no matter what you do.


Our branding philosophy

Toronto is full of iconic brands. You can't just slap together a slogan and logo, run a social ads campaign and hope to compete. PR Hacker's Toronto branding department helps you define the promise you want to offer consumers, before crafting the specifics. This boils down to what customers want, what you're already offering, and what you could offer instead.

Our "outside > in" branding process breaks down into the following steps:

  1. First we create a "reality check matrix" that outlines the landscape you play in.
  2. Next we send out near-instant feedback consumer surveys to understand what's motivating different buyer segments.
  3. Then we define what promises your company makes to its customer, and how your company delivers on those promises; competitor promises are also audited, to make sure your value proposition is different enough.
  4. Finally we craft the story that will really bring your brand to life.


Our corporate branding process

Other agencies put together fonts and logos because they like the colors. We build your visually identity only after we've determined your goals and unique value propositions. This ensures consistency, and ladders design work back to strategic priorities.

Our visual identity process:

  1. We brainstorm images that capture and communicate your unique brand story.
  2. We derive colors, fonts, and iconography based on your specific brand values.
  3. We craft a central design concept that distills your identity, and create our logo around it.


Toronto location

Toronto is the headquarters of our Canadian presence, and we are thrilled to have a foothold in this international and innovative city. If you’re looking for a dynamic marketing agency with a Canadian presence to help you with your marketing and communications needs, look no further than PR Hacker Toronto.


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.