Atlanta Branding Agency

Other creative agencies in Atlanta think branding means slapping a logo and slogan together. At PR Hacker we work with your top team to understand what makes your company special, and base a fully integrated branding/marketing strategy around those insights. We've worked with hundreds of clients across dozens of industries, helping them find the right story, told with the right voice, to the right people.


Our creative branding philosophy

Unlike other branding companies PR Hacker works on an "outside > in" branding process. That means we figure out the most important stuff first, and build smaller branding elements on top:

  1. First, we assess the landscape your brand exists in. What's working with your competitors? What's not?
  2. Next we poll your customers to figure out what motivates different buyer segments.
  3. Then we define what your unique value proposition is, and how to deliver on them..
  4. Only once this research is completed do we start working on the name, narrative, and channels that will really bring your brand to life


Our creative branding process

Once we figure out your brand landscape, and brand story, we define your brand visuals; that means icons, graphic assets, and visual guidelines moving forward.

  1. We figure out what visual territory your brand exists in
  2. We create images that illustrate your story
  3. We define a set of cogent brand identity guidelines; what colors, fonts, and iconography best convey your brand's unique values?
  4. Finally, we create your logo — based on what graphic distills your unique brand identity


Atlanta location

Atlanta is stuffed with iconic American brands, from UPS to Delta Airlines — and of course Coca-Cola. We've helped everyone from scrappy start-ups to multinational corporations to define their identity, tell their story, and distill their image. You can find our Atlanta office smack dab in the middle of the Buckhead neighborhood, full of movers and shakers. So if you're looking for a local branding agency with national reach, drop us a line.


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.