Atlanta's Top CSR Agency

Atlanta is a city which has captured popular attention in recent years. But, with the country's eye turned to the city that inspires music and film alike, companies feel the need to up their CSR game. Here at PR Hacker Atlanta, our award-winning experts will tailor a CSR campaign that hits all metrics and goals, regardless of size or industry.

Atlanta CSR Philosophy

A. We Get Authenticity

We know the difference between an authentic campaign and a nominal one. So do your customers. We transform the vapid into the transformative, the vague into the concrete, and the insincere into the authentic. You'll see the results, and so will the public.

B. We Get Positives

Your company has unique, strong qualities -- ideas, resources, and personnel that make your company most likely to achieve constructive results in your sector. We look at where you're already making positive ripples, and we make it into a positive splash.

C. We Get Viral

Not only do we plan world-class CSR campaigns, we make them go viral. We take your unique narrative and then spread it through local and national news, as well as through our mastery of social media. Utilizing our expansive network of influencers, we make your CSR campaign can't-miss news.

Atlanta Buckhead Location

In the heart of Buckhead and right off Peachtree, our Atlanta location puts us in the midst of a unique blend of Southern culture, good music, and a film industry that makes our LA office (a little) jealous. Surrounded by international conglomerates and up-and-coming tech startups, we get how an Atlanta brand is received on the street -- by your customers. After a day at PR Hacker, you'll find comedy clubs, a fantastic bar scene, and venues that'll satisfy any musical desire.

Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.