Harmless Harvest is a brand that lives by their values. While they held their three brand pillars—people, product, and planet—close to their hearts, they didn’t know how to articulate those important values to their fans or potential customers. That’s when they came to us.


We envisioned a series of videos featuring interviews with key stakeholders across the company. Through our questioning, we quickly uncovered four stories that helped to effectively communicate the brand’s three pillars, using Harmless Harvest’s own words to tell the story.

By highlighting their Fair For Life certification and “ecosystem-based” business model, we tackled Planet. By covering their culture, we told the story of their People. And by diving into the company’s streak of innovation, we were able to show off their Product.

Behind the Water is a collection of stories that are equally effective when viewed on their own or in sequence. Single videos help provide a small snapshot of an important aspect of the company, while the series as a whole lends deep insight into what drives the brand—and why consumers should care.

Taken alone, each video sent a powerful message. Taken together, they sparked a movement.

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