We build buzz.

Using our SURVEYSAYS and GEORANKING Blueprints, we create data and rankings that relate consumer electronics brands to the larger culture and share stories that become “water cooler” topics that could be covered any day of the week by the world’s top TV talk shows.

We do events.

We have planned, put-on, and build-buzz around product launches, talks, and demos at events including CES in Las Vegas and SXSW in Austin. With our full mulitmedia team, we are able film and share both livesteaming and high-quality videography without missing a beat.

We leapfrog competitors.

In consumer electronics, there are a few big brands that garner most of the media coverage: Apple, Sony, Samsung. By positioning your product in relation to offerings from these big brands, and pitching stories that highlight your brand over the competition, we use the competitor’s brand to slingshot our client to media coverage and user awareness.

We our consumer electronics brands.

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