We span verticals.

Stories about pets aren't limited to coverage in Cat Fancy (though we do of course pitch brands to Cat Fancy). We shape stories that make pet brands relatable across all verticals, from women's interest to beauty, lifestyle, and national news. Plus, by linking your brand to events on the cultural calendar, including national holidays and quirky days like National Dogs in Politics Day, you include your brand in the trending conversation.

We spark sharing.

There's a reason that cat pictures are the iconic social media post: people love them! But social for pet brands is more than just posting a photo of a kitten and calling it a day. We use story arcs, character development, and dramatic tension combined with laser targeting to make our clients' posts engaging — and effective. We have the viral videos to prove it.

We prevent crises.

We have extensive experience working with pet food brands in the midst of crises, and from compiling threat assessment reports to crafting CEO statements and managing social media blowback, we've seen it all — and are prepped to help your brand whether you're in the midst of a crises or just hoping to be ready for one.

By handling a crisis well, you can emerge even stronger than before.

We our pets brands.

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.