We deliver insights.

At PR Hacker, we know the first step in market research is understanding who your customers are. Firms that fail to define their audience from the outset wind up wasting clients' time and money by researching irrelevant segments. We hand you insights, not noise.

We listen carefully.

PR Hacker listens before it speaks. Our mass and social media listening tools let us know what folks are saying, and how they're saying it. We take the relevant voices into account—from consumers and influencers to.

We are fast.

Forget 24 hours — today's news cycle is 24 minutes. Other agencies hand you reports that are already irrelevant. At PR Hacker, we turn our research around at lightning speed — including mobile-first polling of hundreds of millions of consumers worldwide —to create actionable research at the speed of news.

We are insights-driven.

It's too easy to drown in data. Numbers reveal facts, but stories give those facts meaning. At PR Hacker, we package data in head-to-head comparisons, surprising rankings, and juicy findings — bringing meaningful frameworks to an uncertain world.

We are viral.

Market research can be consumer or audience facing, too. At PR Hacker we research topics we know will produce viral results — providing your top team with actionable strategic insights, and your customers with strong emotional triggers. Need to survey thousands of users of your competitor's app? We can do that.

We are visual.

A picture is worth a thousand words. We distill masses of data into charts, graphs, and infographics — communicating the punchline at a glance. We also know how to turn your company's pride points into compelling, story-driven video, amplified by state-of-the-art animation and attention grabbing thumbnails.

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.