We are speedy.

We keep a strong focus on being twice as effective and efficient as the competition. Our "real-time" approach means that a video or series can be brainstormed, scoped, scripted, filmed, edited, and promoted in a matter of hours (or just a few days), not weeks.

We are scrappy.

Because we believe that brands must operate at the speed of social conversation, we have built this division to be quick, scrappy, and resourceful — and to fully integrate with organic and paid social media. At PR Hacker, we creatively reuse, repurpose, and redeploy video assets in a more efficient and effective way, allowing us to respond nimbly to anything that happens in our world.

We target audiences.

We take into account what kind of content a target demographic is already sharing, and ask ourselves, "how can we provide them with something similar, while adding value to the equation?" Distribution is top-of-mind from the time the product is conceived, and the product always speaks to the brand’s positioning. We use an outside-in approach to video, meaning we look at what's already being distributed and shared and reverse engineer our content to ensure that it performs how we need it to.

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.