We connect dots.

We're forging new ground in what we call "multichannel storytelling." We don't focus on an individual post or tweet as stand-alone content, we connect the lines between the dots to convey key brand messages over time, using proven methods such as story arcs, character development, dramatic tension, and more. Multichannel storytelling allows companies and organizations to tell a cohesive story across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube (and Snapchat and Pinterest if needed).

Instead of focusing on individual posts or tweets, seek to create narrative story arcs over time.

We devise experiments.

We brainstorm several hypotheses for content that will resonate with viewers and then create content to test each one. For example, we'll attempt to activate different emotions or experiment with various calls to action. We create alternate versions and target specific audiences to gather real-time data to see what works best. Social media is the perfect laboratory for this scientific approach.

We hack growth.

Growing a following means more than just “community management” — and that allowing a community to grow “organically” is usually too slow for most business and marketing objectives — we put in daily work to grow followers and fans via home-grown tactics like strategic content following, influencer nurturing, and social contests. And when it comes to growth hacking—getting the most for the social media dollar—we focus on the simple actions that accelerate sharing.

3 Tactics for Faster Growth

Competitor Conquest

A. Competitor Conquest

We can target users who already like related or competitor brands and are, therefore, more likely to follow us and be interested in our products. We can engage with these users by following, liking, and commenting on their posts — triggering them to naturally follow and like us back.

Lookalike Outreach

B. Lookalike Outreach

We target branded content in the news feeds of those who have personal characteristics (demographics, social media habits, interests) that resemble current fans, followers, and customers. We then A/B test content to find which type of material resonates best with each lookalike target.

Inception Targeting

C. Inception Targeting

We can place our brand message in the social feeds of key gatekeepers without alerting them that they are being targeted. We can then follow up with outreach to them via other marketing channels so they hear our message in multiple ways.

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