We build networks.

We take a holistic approach to influencer marketing and the variety of content available. While our organic, earned-value influencer marketing programs are the quickest and most effective path to ROI, we are sensitive to the benefits of multiple content types. Each type of content fulfills a distinct role in communicating our clients’ brand messages and we optimize use of each to maximize ROI.

We go organic.

Just as social media would have paid and organic strategies, your influencer program should have both. Our relationships with influencers are on-going—built on trust and mutual benefit. We build loyal, raving fans through organic outreach and engagement such as timely topics, unique content and barter deals, achieving ROI far greater than paid outreach. We track our influencers with a proprietary CRM, making sure we cultivate the relationship with monthly check-ins, public comments to posts, and ‘surprise and delight’ benefits.

While paid influencer outreach is transactional, organic outreach builds deeply loyal raving fans.

We play moneyball.

The first step to creating a customized influencer marketing campaign is to find the right people. We have a wide-ranging influencer network which allows us to narrow in to find the perfect matches for your brand. We deliver ROI by segmenting influencer focus by need state, targeting message content and format, and optimizing traffic exchange with brand.

Let's create amazing together

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