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Boston is a social city. First, it's walkable. That means you're always bumping into folks on the street — whether you like it or not. Second, it's jam packed with bars: from the Green Dragon to the Union Oyster House. Unfortunately, many Bostonian companies' marketing is not as social as their surroundings.

At PR Hacker Boston we understand how to tell your story across all major media channels, whether you're a scrappy B2C start-up in Kendall, or a massive multinational B2B located downtown.


Our social media agency philosophy

For most agencies, going viral is a fluke. At PR Hacker, our Boston social media agency has turned it into a science. We know this because we've tested our methods as a cutting edge public relations firm. We work with your top team to distill what makes your brand special, then distill those pride-points into a story just begging to get shared.

The videos we post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube are built off the back of strong story arcs, memorable characters, and a set of tried-and-true viral triggers. We also get video SEO, which means your brand will continue to get discovered even after the initial push.


Our social media marketing process

Forget 24 hours, the news cycle today is 24 minutes. That's because the world creates stories fast. Luckily at PR Hacker Boston, we create social content just as fast.

Need a video posted on an event that happened yesterday? We got it. Need a flash Twitter survey of your customers for that product you just released? We got it.

After diving deep into each of your social media channels — understand brand and voice — we produce our first piece of content in two days. Then we work over the coming months to boost your social reach, sticking to a regimented content calendar, and always keeping ROI front and center.


Boston location

Boston is a social city: full of bars, restaurants, parks, and streets you can actually walk. At PR Hacker we take our inspiration from the city — figuring out how to spread your brand's story across all social channels, while always keeping our eyes fixed on your business goals. So if you're looking for a local social media marketing agency with national reach, look no further than PR Hacker Boston.


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.