Boston Video Production Agency

Boston inspires great cinematography. At PR Hacker we find inspiration every time we cross the Charles river, stroll through the Commons, or hop off at bustling South Station. But we can do more than just craft beautiful video — we create robust multimedia strategies to achieve your business goals. 

Social media is getting more visual by the day, and more and more companies have learnt they have to put video first. At PR Hacker Boston we always match message to medium — the type of videos that perform well on Facebook would flop on Youtube — and SEO optimize every campaign we put out, to ensure you content continues to be discovered after the initial push is over. 


Our video marketing philosophy

What's the point of creating beautiful videos if nobody watches them?

At PR Hacker, we understand production is only half the battle. That's why we've turned virality from a fluke to a science — thoroughly researching what type of videos are already performing well in your space before hitting record. 

Once we've figured out a formula for success, and putting your own unique spin on it, we work to optimize your content for the channel it will be pitched on. Viral on Facebook means something totally different from viral on Twitter. Finally, we've mastered the 3 second attention grab. If a viewer isn't immediately hooked by a thumbnail or opening line, they'll bounce — effectively flushing your video budget down the drain. Luckily, PR Hacker has found tried and true methods for catching attention.


Our video production process

A brand without a story is setting itself up for failure.

Before calling "lights, camera, action" PR Hacker works with your top team to establish a) a clear narrative around your product and b) set of measurable business goals, which ladder back into your core brand narrative. Then, and only then, do we reverse engineer an effective multimedia and social media strategy.

We also understand that while facts get digested, only stories get shared. That's why we distill your unique pride-points into compelling viral narratives, packed with emotional cues — like heartbreak, hilarity, and empathy — that compel viewers to spread the message. 


Boston location

Hop off at South Station, and you're looking at our PR Hacker Boston offices. We love being in the thick of things: walking distance from Chinatown, the Commons, and the water.

Right next door you'll find scrappy start-ups and CEOs of major consulting firms — and of course, us, the best video production agency in the business. We can shoot man-on-the-street style videos around downtown, or use the Charles River as a gorgeous backdrop for your latest promo. 


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.