Charlotte Social Media Company

At PR Hacker we understand no two social channels are the same. What goes viral on Facebook might flop on Twitter. That's why we match message to medium — producing high quality content, and packaging it in the right way for the right channel.

We've worked with everyone from financial giants (Charlotte has plenty of those) to scrappy start-ups — so whether you're looking to expand into a new country, or just raised a seed round, drop us a line and take your social strategy to the next level.


Our Charlotte social media marketing philosophy

Most agencies treat virality as a random event: like the roll of a dice. At PR Hacker, we treat it like a science. Unlike other Charlotte social media marketing companies, we employ rigorously tested methods to boost the probability of your blog post, video, or photo spreading like wildfire across social.

We may tailor our social content to match the platform, but all of our work shares one element: top-notch storytelling. Facts may be digested, but only stories get shared. That's why we create compelling premises, solid story arcs, and three dimensional characters, before getting into the nitty gritty of creating reel.

After your story is built, we multivariate test to see what message works best on each platform, and with each audience segment.


Our social media marketing process

Before producing content PR Hackers ask themselves: is this simple, surprising, and significant? If we can answer yes to all three, we put the story into the world, confident it will be shared. Our social media services load every piece of content we share on your behalf with "viral triggers": visceral cues which trigger your audiences' emotions, from hilarity to heartbreak, empathy and optimism.

Finally, we know the value of speed. Forget 24 hours, today's news cycle is 24 minutes. A video produced today about last week's trending story is useless.


Charlotte location

Charlotte is a social city: full of bars, parks, restaurants, and arenas. Our PR Hacker Charlotte office is located right in Stonewall Station, easily accessible by public transport. After work, it's a skip and a hop for us to head over to the Mint Museum or Charlotte Convention Center. All this buzz keeps us motivated to help our clients achieve the greatest ROI possible on their social campaigns.


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.