Charlotte Video Production

Social media is becoming more visual by the day. If you're not telling your brand's story through video, you're missing out on a major marketing opportunity. At PR Hacker Charlotte we distill your pride-points into a compelling visual narrative, then package it the right way for the right channel — whether that's Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. 


Our video marketing philosophy

Most film production agencies just shoot videos to check off a box. At PR Hacker we understand great video production is built on great storytelling. Before hitting record on the camera, we work to develop a strong story arc and three dimensional characters.

We also research the landscape your company lives in to determine what's already succeeding, before adding a PR Hacker spin to that formula. 

Finally we understand what other agencies don't: video SEO. Youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world after Google. We package every video so your audience can discover it on search months after the initial social push is over. 


Our film production process

Before hitting the studio (and charging you money), PR Hacker Charlotte works with your top team to make sure we understand what makes your brand unique, and what goals your business is trying to hit. Then (and only then) we create a stunning video that both communicates your identity and achieves your objectives, from brand awareness to hard sales drives. 

Once we've shot and polished your video, we establish a strong social media marketing and influencer marketing route. Our videos spread because they activate the viewer's emotions: laughter, heartbreak, empathy, and optimism. And at the end of every view we make sure there's an action, whether it's a comment, share, or purchase.


Charlotte location

We're located on South College St., a few minute walk from the Charlotte Convention Center and Mint Museum. The sights around Charlotte inspire us to produce gorgeous video — just like the businesses who call Charlotte home inspire us to tell great stories. If you're looking for a Charlotte film production company with local presence and national reach, look no further than PR Hacker's Charlotte office. 


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.