Atlanta Influencer Marketing Agency

Our Atlanta influencer marketing agency offers holistic influencer marketing services. We work with companies of vastly different sizes, and we're also skilled at working with both B2C and B2B businesses. That means, no matter whether you're a tiny tech startup or a huge pet food CPG, we'll be able to work with our diverse network of bloggers and social media stars to shout your message from the rooftops. We tailor each influencer marketing service to your specific needs to ensure the quickest path to ROI, and our programs are never overly promotional or gimmicky.


Our influencer marketing philosophy

Though each of our influencer programs are tailored, they're always modeled around our core belief: paid outreach is always transactional. In contrast, organic outreach builds a base of authentic fans we can work with to produce compelling content again and again. But you'll never see Kim Kardashian on our roster—we strongly believe that up-and-coming influencers have disproportionate leverage. They have bases of authentic fans that are growing exponentially, and their potential is virtually untapped. You'll find us cultivating deep relationships with these influencers by attending their events—and inviting them to ours! The result is organic, mutually beneficial relationships that result in beautiful content that's not overly promotional. Our Atlanta office has cultivated a wide-ranging influencer network on both a local and national level—allowing us to segment by location, vertical, and format.


Our Atlanta influencer marketing process

We start by working closely with our client to identify and solidify campaign goals. Then, we explore Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more to evaluate which influencers have the correct audience reach, focus, and following to help achieve each of these goals. After choosing our influencers, we create and offer them text, visual, and video content that helps them provide their audience with value. The content offers early access to our client's products and other fun gifts, and always features links to our client's website. The end result is authentic, compelling content that drives action without sounding gimmicky.


Atlanta location

Located in the Buckhead neighborhood, we're surrounded by all types of passionate businesses who need campaigns—from the small startups located in Atlanta Tech Village to hotels and restaurants. We're also neighbors with many of our influencers; you'll find them taking pictures for the 'gram in Tower Place Park or documenting their cup of coffee from Caribou. We're fortunate to be in one of the business hotspots of the world—and getting products into the hands of movers and shakers every day.


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.