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With Philadelphia's diverse audience demographics and presence of Fortune 500 companies, other social media companies may only offer services for one sector. But PR Hacker does both—we specialize in social media for both B2B and B2C businesses alike. We offer content creation, community management, and social growth services across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, and more at our Philadelphia office.


Our social media philosophy

We've mastered social media content, from filming your next Facebook hit in our in-house studio to multivariate testing the perfect call to action. PR Hacker has helped companies in the finance, education, health, and tech industries build their online voice, their audience, and their levels of engagement—making new audiences loyal followers of your brand.

To create consistently viral content at breakneck speed, we've pioneered a multichannel storytelling approach. We start with traditional storytelling methods—creating dramatic tension, story arcs, and character building to activate our follower's emotions—then apply a measurable, scientific approach to spread that appeal across multiple social channels.

For example, we use multivariate testing to ensure our captions have the perfect call to action, and sectored audience targeting to trigger new followers based on interest or geographic location. Whether we're promoting a new health tech app or rebranding a finance company, our process is engineered to hack growth.


Philadelphia social media marketing process

From our public relations expertise, we learned how create content at breakneck speed to keep up with the lightning news cycle.

First. we take a pulse check for each of your social channels—seeing what's strong and what could be stronger—then devise an editorial calendar designed to engage your users. Because we use blueprints proven successful time and time again, we're able to produce both media-rich video content and graphic-rich written content that activates emotion and compels sharing at a never-before-seen pace.

We roll out our content plan immediately, but the analysis doesn't end there. We gather data every step of your campaign. We use these insights to optimize our messaging, tailor our content, and attract new audience segments in real time.


Philadelphia center city location

We're located near Rittenhouse Square, one of the most exciting areas of the city. Being in the heart of Philadelphia gives a front seat to the business world. We're right next to some of Philadelphia's biggest companies, like Blue Cross Blue Shield and Comcast. However, we're also connected to some of Philadelphia's most iconic cultural scenes, like the Mutter Museum, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and Rittenhouse Square park. It's a perfect blend of old and new—just like Philadelphia.


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