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Multimedia content is no longer add-on—it's a crucial component of your digital marketing plan. Because videos can go viral within only few hours, PR Hacker Philadelphia works that quickly to keep up with the speed of the news cycle.

PR Hacker has become one of the top video production companies in Philadelphia because we specialize in conception and production of compelling video content we grab the viewer's attention, activate emotion, and tell a story that they want to share. Today's media landscape is becoming increased visual—so we go beyond words.


Our video production philosophy

Other agencies spend inordinate time and money creating grand productions they hope resonate with their audience. We're one of the top film production companies in Philadelphia because our process is smarter and more strategic. By looking into what into content the target demographic is already sharing, we reverse-engineering the result—while adding our brand value—to produce a hit. This way, we're twice as efficient and effective.

The types of content that go viral on Twitter and Facebook are very different, and these differences are reflected in our content creation strategy. We also back these insights with advanced video SEO, deploying tactics that guarantee your video will be seen through search.

No matter how easy it is to find, content won't go far without an effective hook that spurs sharing on social. We're experts at grabbing attention within the first three seconds of a video—and keeping it until the end. It's all thanks to our innovative hacks that we developed as a public relations firm — from intriguing thumbnails to hilarious talking cats.


Our video production process

Our content is crafted in harmony with all the other parts of your business. By knowing what our clients are up to, we can ensure our final product speaks to the brand positioning and maximize distribution. But content won't share if it's created for the wrong medium.

The first step in our process is discovery: We work with key stakeholders to find your brand's USPs (unique selling points). After we've identified what differentiates you from the crowd, we craft an visual story that we know will resonate with viewers. How do we know that? We use emotional triggers proven to compel consumers to share.

For a philanthropy, we want to tug on the public's heartstrings; for a pet food brand, we want to make people laugh. Once we've identified the emotion to target, we activate it based on the content's medium. Viral content on Facebook is distinctly different than viral content on Twitter—our strategy adapts to maximize the medium. Finally, we use video SEO tactics to ensure all our hard work shows up in search.


Philadelphia center city location

Every morning we arrive to work in one of the most beautiful parts the city. Our office near Center City is within walking distance to some of Philadelphia's most scenic spots. Places like Rittenhouse Square, Sister Cities Park, and the Schuylkill Banks Park are not only photogenic they're fantastic locations for on-the-street style videos. Near or far, PR Hacker Philadelphia goes the distance to create stunning, compelling video content.


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