Dallas Influencer Marketing Agency

Dallas is chock full of influencers — from business leaders to professional athletes. PR Hacker's expertise is spreading your message using the right voices, without ever falling into gimmick or blatant promotion. We achieve this balance by matching the right brands with the right Dallas influencers: on the basis of shared values, tone, and worldview.


Our influencer marketing philosophy

Other influencer marketing agencies follow the "pay to play" model when running influencer campaigns — influencers get some cash, and spout out a slogan, or appear in a meaningless cameo. PR Hacker takes a more organic approach, developing deep relationships with our influencers before asking them anything.

By the time we recommend a product to them, they trust our judgment, and are glad to spread the good news. That means value for their followers, and authentic reviews for your company.

We also believe up-and-coming influencers carry disproportionate weight. That's because their fans come to hear a message, not follow a trend. Kim Kardashian may have millions of followers, but how many of them trust her as a source of information?


Our influencer marketing process

Other companies start with a handful of influencers, and try to superimpose your goals on top of their irrelevant personalities. Our influencer marketing department begins every campaign with a thoughtful discussion, working with your top-team to establish a clear brand narrative, and set of concrete, measurable goals.

Then — and only then — do we search our thousands strong database of influencers, to find the personality that matches who you are as a business.

Once we've nailed the matchmaking we move on to content. That means rich text, hard-hitting data, and stunning video — the type of stuff your audience can't wait to share.


Dallas location

Uptown Dallas is home to more influencers than you could shake a BBQ rib at. You'll find tech superstars, business journalists, and local brick-and-mortar legends — and of course us, the best influencer marketing firm in the Dallas. If you’re looking for a national agency with a local presence to help connect you with the right voices, look no further than PR Hacker Dallas.


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.