Leading Denver Reputation Management Agency

Denver is home to plenty of rapidly growing businesses. But growth can also mean growing pains.

As a PR Firm, PR Hacker knows how stories spread—and how they can be stopped. We've helped companies of every size, across many industries, manage, minimize, and resolve their crises.

We're the best in the business at handling your worst nightmare.

Our reputation management philosophy

A. We react quickly

News travels fast—bad news even faster. PR Hacker is the fastest firm in the business: responding to negative brand mentions in real time. But unlike other firms, we're proactive as well as reactive. We flag problematic elements in your messaging before they cause issues.

B. We respond diplomatically

We also understand that when critics are loud, your friends need to be even louder. That's why we source key allies—folks whose voices matter in your space, and will be willing to leap to your defense in the event of a messy public debate.

C. We communicate locally

Finally, we geo-target our messaging. News may be broadcasted nationally, but it spreads locally—and the same headline can take two different forms in two different cities. We counteract bad press not just at a national scale, but also on a city by city, and even town by town basis, working with local influencers and journalists to tell your side of the story.

Our Wewatta St. location

Our Denver office is near Union Station, a skip and a hop from the Denver International Airport. So if you’re looking for a national reputation management agency with a local presence, look no further than PR Hacker Denver.

Let us handle it

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