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Every day audiences read less blog posts, and watch more videos. That's why brands in 2018 need a solid multimedia strategy. With our in-house video production services, PR Hacker moves beyond words on a page, to tap into your customers' emotions, and trigger the urge to share. The best part? We move fast, ensuring content still relevant to trending stories and breaking news.


Our video marketing philosophy

Many video marketing agencies make videos just because they feel like they should. Unsurprisingly, these flop. At PR Hacker we study what types of videos are already performing well in your space, and then figure out what we can add on top of those templates to achieve even higher levels of reach and engagement.

Our videos, whether they're experiential events or live streams, grab your viewer's attention in 3 seconds or less โ€” any longer, and you've lost them. From there we take them into a story that holds their attention to the end. That's thanks to our innovative viral hacks, from captivating thumbnails to hilarious talking felines.

But even great content won't take off if it's created for the wrong medium. The type of videos that go viral on Twitter flop on Facebook. PR Hacker optimizes our videos for the channel they're posted on, to both draw initial viewers in and ensure your video shows up for the right searches long after the initial push is done.


Our film production process

PR Hacker balances understanding of human emotion with a data-driven approach to marketing. First, we help brands define what makes them special. Then we translate these pride-points into compelling stories, which use emotional triggers to incentivize their viewers to click share.

For most agencies, virality is guesswork. For us, it's a science.

Of course we also understand companies have goals, and most of these goals come back to the bottom-line. We always craft our viral video content around your business objectives, keeping path to purchase and brand positioning top of our mind.


Denver location

Denver inspires great videography. Our office is located blocks away from visually stunning spots like Commons Park and the South Platte River. If you're looking for a Denver video agency with local presence, national influence, and a cinematographer's eye, drop our PR Hacker Denver office a line.


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.