Denver Social Media Agency

At PR Hacker we understand each social platform is different. What works Facebook won't work on Snapchat, and what goes viral on Twitter may flop on Pinterest. Our Denver office offers a full suite of social media management services — crafting a big-picture strategy, while also thinking platform by platform. Whether you're a massive B2B, or an early stage B2C , we'll work with you to create shareable content, engage your community, and grow your social following.


Our social media marketing philosophy

Content doesn't go viral at random. PR Hacker is a data-driven social media agency who uses tried and true methods to boost the probability of your post taking off. All of work on social shares one common element: top-notch storytelling. Unlike other creative companies, PR Hacker uses our creative skills to push data-driven goals for real ROI.

We create compelling premises, solid story arcs, and three-dimensional characters to spark your audience's emotions, and drive your message home across different channels. After our story is built, we multivariate test to see what packaging works best on each individual platform, and then optimize accordingly.

PR Hacker's industry leading results boil down to one conviction — content creation may be an art-form, but marketing should be scientific.


Our social media process

What do Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube all have in common? They're free. That means any brand can promote themselves on social at no cost. And while most companies fail, they still make noise — noise which your brand must rise above with simple, surprising, and significant content.

PR Hacker uses our breadth of public relations knowledge to produce posts at lightning speed, making sure your message rides the wave of trending stories. We also load every piece of content we post on your behalf with viral triggers, activating your audience's emotions, and driving social shares. Finally, we continuously measure, test, and optimize your campaigns based on the data we get back.


Denver location

Denver inspires good social media marketing. Our Denver office is located blocks away from instagram-friendly spots like Commons Park and the South Platte River. We're also surrounded by newsworthy startups and CPGs alike, like Mapquest and Price Waterhouse and Cooper. We're proud to serve our neighbors in creating the next big social media campaign!


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.