Denver Branding Agency

A brand isn't just a product—it's also a story. At PR Hacker's Denver branding agency, we dig deep to discover and tell this brand story, going far beyond just creating a visually-dominating logo. We utilize each of the elements of expression to keep the unique selling points of our brands top of mind. We work with both the established CPGs and startups that call Denver home—creating entire go-to-market strategies or simply giving a brand voice an impactful update.


Our brand marketing philosophy

Since we cut our teeth as a leading digital PR firm, we discovered that an outside perspective is invaluable to shaping what message is heard, when, and by whom. We meet directly with your brand's movers and shakers to talk about the key components of the brand, leading a structured discussion that results in a more specific definition of the problem we're solving. We've pioneered a four-step discovery process to truly understand the external forces, landscape, and strategic in which a brand plays:

  1. What is the state of the market? We present a reality check matrix that gives stakeholders a clear definition of the landscape in which your brand plays.
  2. Who is most likely to respond to our brand? How do we activate them? We run flash consumer surveys that helps us understand what motivates each segment of our audience to take action.
  3. What promise does our brand make to users? How do we live up to it? We audit the promises made by our competitors to develop messaging that differentiates our brand.
  4. What name and narrative help bring our brand to life? We discuss how users and stakeholders will engage with and share our brand story.


Our branding process

After creating our brand story, we develop complementary icons, graphics, and guidelines.

  1. We create images that will translate our brand story into something visceral for consumers.
  2. We set clear brand identity guidelines concerning color, font, and iconography.
  3. We design a logo that cuts through the noise and bring our brand story to life.

We then start to work on our brand's expression—the assets like voice and personality that make our brand ready for a relationship with its users.


Denver location

Our Denver design agency office is near Union Station and close to the light rail, trains, and buses and within easy access of Denver International Airport. On the coffee shop on our block you'll find employees of early-stage startups getting coffee next to employees of major consulting firms and investment banks, and of course, us, the best brand strategy agency in the business. You'll also find wonderful art and culture that keep us inspired, from the Museum of Contemporary Art to Illegal Pete's (which serves up our brain food). We're so excited to be innovating in such a hotspot for innovation and creativity.


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.