Miami Influencer Marketing

Miami is a city of influencers. From famous DJs to professional athletes, there's no shortage of big names with serious reach. We've helped plenty of clients in Miami's key industries find the right personality to promote their message. No matter if you're a scrappy start-up trying to make it on the new "Silicon Beach", or an established financial agency downtown, we're there to make connections and drive results.


Our Miami influencer marketing philosophy

We're the top Miami influencer marketing agency. This is because we don't operate like a traditional marketing agency. Other agencies treat influencer marketing as a set of transactions. At PR Hacker Miami, we understand it's about building relationships between likeminded folks. That's why we begin the process by sitting down with your top team to understand what matters to your company: what's your mission? What's the story behind that logo? What drives your customers wild?

Then, and only then, do we scroll through our roledex of heavy-hitting bloggers and social media superstars, to find a personality that matches your culture. An authentic connection equals authentic promotion. Fans can tell when an influencer is praising a product because they're getting paid, vs. when they're genuinely excited.

We also find up-and-coming influencers—with rapidly growing fan bases that clicked follow to hear a message, not follow a trend. These audiences tend to be the most engaged, and willing to act on advice.


Our Miami influencer marketing process

First, we find the perfect influencer to promote your brand: someone who shares your aesthetic, values, and worldview. Then we make it easy for them to paint your product in the best possible light by crafting bespoke content, including meaningful blog posts, juicy video, and attention-grabbing photos. We also give them access to a brand's product, so they can form a meaningful experience, and reflect accurately on what makes your brand unique.

The result? Authentic content in front of the right people.


Miami location

Brickell is one of Miami's most instagrammable neighborhoods—which is why you'll always see tourists with their cameras out, sharing their discoveries with friends and family. We love being in the center of things, and are always forming new influencer relationships, near and far. So if you’re looking for a national influencer marketing agency with a local presence, look no further than PR Hacker Miami.


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.