Nashville's Top Media Planning Agency

Nashville is a city of innovators. But while many companies are releasing superb products, not all know how to spread the word. PR Hacker helps our clients find their right audience, their right brand, and their right platforms—all while measuring ROI to the T, and improving our media campaigns as new data comes in.

Our media planning philosophy

A. We understand people

When working with statistics all day its easy to start thinking of people as numbers. In reality every person is a complex mixture of characteristics and motivations, which often fall outside of the neat categories we ascribe. We build audiences less around meaningless tags, and more around personas that capture their wants and anxieties.

B. And data too...

But though our mindset is human focused, our methodology is all data based. We only suggest strategies with firm quantitative foundations: either by looking at the success of parallel campaigns, or through running a set of small experiments to test our hypotheses.

C. We develop brand

Every time you reach a potential customer you have the opportunity to brand yourself, though few companies capitalize. We make sure the messages you put out match your company's values, and build a positive "gut feeling" in your customers when they hear your name mentioned.

Our downtown Nashville location

Nashville is jam packed with distinctive companies — and nowhere more so than "The District". We're inspired daily by the media presences of local businesses and multinational goliaths alike, who help us stay on the cutting edge of media planning.

Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.