Nashville Experiential Marketing Agency

Nashville's vibrant scene is the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable brand experience—and PR Hacker Nashville experiential marketing works with brands big and small to create these amazing events.

Because each brand has a different budget, we have experience creating all different types of events—whether that's at a million-dollar music industry conference or on a street corner with a handheld camera. Our clients range from premium CPG brands to B2B innovators, but regardless of the brand's speciality, our experiential events always place the Nashville consumer first. We inform, inspire, enlighten, and delight their senses—with our brand's vision along for the ride.


Our Nashville experiential marketing philosophy

We strongly believe in creating "you-first" experiences instead of "me-first" content. Just put yourself in the shoes of your target audience: would you rather experience a glorified commercial or an experience that surprises and delights you?

We deliver true value to consumers, whether that's happiness, excitement, joy, or information. Then, we slide in your brand message—so it's organic instead of forced. Plus, unlike other Nashville experiential marketing agencies, we believe that the experiential event itself isn't the only opportunity to spread your message. We create content around the event, which extends the impact after the even by keeping your audience engaged.


Our experiential marketing process

We define, map, and quantify the experience we're looking to create before, during, and after the event. This is because our experiential events are designed with an eye to mass media, social media, and grassroots opportunities.

Before the event, we pitch stories to Nashville media that invite them to attend and spread the word. We also publicize the event on social to get your audiences excited—even if they can't experience the fun in person. During the event, we post real-time on social media, curate customer posts, and even live-stream. And after, we continue to pitch media and post on social media to maximize ROI.


Nashville location

We're one of the top marketing firms in Nashville, and we're located in the heart of downtown; with the area suffused by tourists and locals alike, it's the perfect place to hold a viral event.

We're also surrounded by established businesses, scrappy startups, talented musicians, and dedicated restauranteurs. This means that any audience you want to target is within blocks of our office! At PR Hacker Nashville, we're constantly shaping the next big viral event—and we're happy to be in the perfect location to execute them.


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.