Nashville Influencer Marketing

Use voices that matter to reach people who care. Whether you run a B2C or B2B business, PR Hacker uses its thousands strong network of influencers to promote your brand, capitalizing on influence while avoiding gimmick. Each campaign is crafted around your brand's identity and company's needs, ensuring we match you with the folks who shape the space you're in. Unlike other marketing companies, we understand the key to a successful influencer campaign is the right people saying the right things with the right tone.


Our influencer marketing philosophy

Anyone with enough money can pay a celebrity to spout out a slogan or post a photo. But this type of "Kim Kardashian" influencer marketing only goes so far. Fans sense when a celebrity is promoting something for cash, vs. when they really care about the product. That's why we hand-pick our influencers for their values, and then make sure those values match up with your company's. Only authentic influencers can champion authentic brands.

We especially focus on building relationships with up and coming influencers. Why? Because these rising stars have fans who clicked 'follow' to hear a message, not follow a crowd. By prioritizing relationships above transactions, we build campaigns that boost engagement, foster long-term loyalty, and ultimately get you the biggest bang for your buck.


Our influencer marketing process

Most influencer agencies craft your campaign around whatever influencers they have available. The result is at best an awkward match, at worst a brazen gimmick. PR Hacker works the other way around, starting with your unique brand and finding the right voice to promote it.

Our search process takes into account the influencer's personality, thought focus, audience reach, and social media following, Then — before the influencer we choose sends a single tweet or posts a single photo — we make sure they understand exactly what makes your company special. The end result is authentic content shared presented with an authentic voice: the type of posts, photos, and videos followers are proud to share.


Nashville location

Nowhere in Nashville hosts more influencers per square foot than "The District". PR Hacker is proud to sit in the middle of the city's historic downtown, surrounded by seasoned business leaders, driven entrepreneurs, talented musicians, and dedicated restauranteurs. If you've got a particular Nashville influencer in mind, chances are we know them, or know someone who does!


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.