Nashville Video Production Company

Videos need to grab attention in 3 seconds or less. That's what we do. We started as a digital PR firm where we needed to grab attention for our clients and we learned the visuals that capture a viewer's eye, and also the story elements that keep viewers watching till the end. While traditional marketing videos take a long time to create, we turn around content at the speed of trending news — relying on our in-house team of video experts.


Our video production philosophy

Most video companies have no idea what makes one video successful vs. another. PR Hacker's film production department turns virality into a science — before we shoot a second of footage we look at what videos in your space have already performed well, and then determine what we can add to the formula.

We also understand that message depends on medium. The types of videos that do well on YouTube — which are 10-15 minutes long — would flop on social media sites like Facebook. Our in-depth knowledge of video SEO (how your video ranks in search) means viewers will continue to discover your brand long after the initial campaign push is over.

Finally, we know every video has to tell a story. Once we've captured a viewers attention we tell them a story so compelling they just have to share it.


Our Nashville video production process

At PR Hacker we work with your team to distill what makes your brand special, and then convert that pride-point into a compelling story. Our videos succeed because they activate emotions: empathy, hilarity, optimism. Once our viewers are hooked we encourage action, laddering our content back to your company's goals. With PR Hacker, video marketing translates to hard sales, increased brand awareness, and improved public perception.


Nashville location

PR Hacker understands creativity, business, and their intersection. After all, our Nashville location sits in the middle of the city's historic downtown, home to prolific visual and musical artists — as well as seasoned business leaders. If you're looking for a local Nashville video production agency with national reach, look no further than PR Hacker Nashville!


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.