New York City Influencer Marketing Agency

Our New York City office works with both B2C and B2B businesses, and provides influencer marketing services for industries from Wall Street to Silicon Alley.Our expertise is in spreading your message without sounding overly promotional—and our proprietary network of thousands of influencers helps us succeed. Our influencer marketing programs are always organic and earned value, and they're tailored specifically to you to achieve demonstrable ROI (not just a couple lukewarm reviews).


A different type of influencer agency

Since we got our start as an NYC digital public relations firm, we think differently from other NYC influencer agencies who rely on "pay to play." Our philosophy is that, while paid influencer outreach is transactional, organic outreach produces raving fans who are deeply loyal. That's why we develop deep relationships with our influencers over time—so they trust us and our recommendations and write wonderful reviews.

But we don't just rely on the "Kim Kardashian" influencers everyone wants to tap. We believe up-and-coming influencers have disproportionate amounts of influence, because their fan base is authentic and much more engaged.

So we give these influencers the attention that other agencies don't—and by building mutually beneficial relationships, we foster loyalty, increase engagement, and maximize ROI. Our custom methodology is the bedrock for making us one of the top influencer agencies in NYC and throughout the nation.


Our influencer marketing process

Before we identify which influencers we'll be reaching out to for your campaign, we work to identify your campaign goals. Then, using a multi-channel discovery method across multiple social media platforms, we choose our influencers.

By using the criteria of audience reach, topical focus, and social media following, we identify the ideal influencers for your needs. Then, we provide them with text, visual, and video content their audience will love—that spreads our brand's message.

The end result is compelling, authentic content that encapsulates this message, features website links, and contains visuals consumers can't help but share. Once the content starts gaining traction, we get the message of our client's success out to the world even more with our world-class digital PR team.


New York City location

We're located in NoMad, one of the influencer hotspots in the world. It's also home to some of the most Instagrammable spots in New York—shoutout to the Flatiron building and Madison Square Park nearby. The couple blocks around our office are a hub for creativity—we're located right by Envision Studios, the School of Visual Arts, and Sony Wonder Technology Labs. We're proud to be building our influencer network at the heart of this hub, and shaping the future of content in a city famous for its ingenuity.


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Let's create amazing together

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