Philadelphia Influencer Marketing

Our Philadelphia office believes pay to play is a philosophy of the past. That's why our influencer marketing agency offers organic, earned-value influencer marketing programs for companies ranging from established Fortune 500 companies to the smallest startup.

We focus on working with a diverse network of different bloggers and social media influencers—spreading your message to a wide variety of audiences. We cut our teeth as a data-driven public relations firm so we know a thing or two about outreach. However, we're skilled at working with influencers to produce content that doesn't sound overly promotional and gimmicky—because rave reviews get more engagement than ads.


Our influencer marketing philosophy

We focus on building real relationships with our network of influencers—because, while paid outreach is transactional, organic outreach builds deeply loyal fans we can reach out to again and again. We treat our influencers as part of the family, inviting them to our events and attending theirs.

We're able to get so close to them because we work with influencers on the cusp of virality—those who have engaged audiences who are ready to buy. These influencers are often overlooked by agencies who prefer to tap "Kim Kardashian" influencers.

However, those influencers have passive audiences who don't actually believe their recommendations. Cultivating mutually beneficial relationships with up-and-coming influencers fosters loyalty, increases engagement and maximizes ROI.


Our influencer marketing process

We always begin a campaign by closely working with a brand to identify their goals and measures of campaign success. Then, we search our influencer network across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more to identify which influencers have the audience, focus, and following to achieve our campaign's goals.

Once we choose our influencers, we draft sample copy they can use to amuse and engage their audience—with our brand along for the ride. These posts often offer early access to our brand's product, and they always offer gifts and benefits that would induce a reader to engage with our product.

We end up with authentic content that promotes our product and links to our client's website—but is also heartfelt enough to get consumers to engage. Once consumers start engaging, then the stage is set to blow up because that's when a message is shared and can go viral.


Philadelphia location

Our Philadelphia office is located in Center City—and as its name implies, we're at the heart of it all. We're right by established institutions like Philadelphia City Hall, The Academy of Natural Sciences, and the One Liberty Observation Deck. However, we're also surrounded by early-state startups, and creatives. We're innovating in one of the most historic cities in the world—and we're shaping the future.


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