Branding Agency Portland

Our Portland branding agency uses all the elements of expression to convey your brand's unique selling points.

We dig deep to tell stories—going beyond just creating logos. We're located right in the heart of Portland—the perfect location to assist both large CPGs and smaller startups develop their new go-to messaging and brand strategy. We've worked across dozens of industries, and are skilled at helping develop messaging in each that will resonate with a client's target audience.


Our brand strategy philosophy

Unlike most branding agencies, we cut our teeth as a data-driven public relations firm, and that has had a profound impact on how we approach brand design and brand strategy.

An outside perspective is invaluable to determining and shaping what message is heard, by which audiences, and through which media and social channels. To facilitate this process, we host a meeting with our client to explore our brand's key components. If a client has trouble identifying its key components (most do), we lead a structured discussion to define the problem we're solving and the solution we offer.


We've pioneered an "outside > in" discovery process:

  1. What is the state of the market? We create a reality check matrix that gives our client a very clear definition of the landscape in which your brand exists
  2. Which audience is most likely to respond to our brand, and how do we target them? We deploy flash consumer surveys to understand what motivates different audience segments to take action.
  3. What promises should we make to our users, and how do we deliver them? We audit the promises our competitors have made and use them to develop messages that differentiate us.
  4. What name and narrative bring our brand to life? We examine exactly how users will engage with and share our story, across both different channels and formats.


Our brand design process

Once we've cemented our brand story, we move into developing visuals that will support it. We create icons, graphics and guidelines according to this strategy:

  1. We define our visual territory. We create images that make our brand story visceral.
  2. We set clear brand identity guidelines. We define what colors, fonts, and iconography we'll use to convey our brand values.
  3. We create our logo. We identify a central design concept that will cut through the noise and encapsulate our brand story.

After we define the visual components that will represent our brand, we refine our brand's expression—the elements like voice and personality that make our brand unique and ready for relationships with our users. Unlike other creative and marketing agencies, our branding agency relies on data and a process for developing a brand that will have have real ROI.


Portland location

Our Portland office is just blocks from landmarks like Powell's City of Books, Voodoo Doughnut, and the iconic bridges spanning the Willamette River. Each of these well-known places gives us inspiration for shaping our brand voice and assets. We also gather inspiration from all the wonderful art around us, from Froelick Gallery to Roseland Theater. From our perch in bustling NW Portland, we are perfectly situated to host and connect with brands based throughout the city and surrounding suburbs.


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.