Portland Influencer Marketing

Our Portland office works with all types of companies to provide holistic influencer marketing services. We have a diverse network of bloggers and social media stars that will promote your message without being overly gimmicky—whether you're a large pet food CPG or a small startup trying to get your name out there for the first time. We believe in organic, earned-value influencer marketing programs, and we tailor each of them to your needs to ensure the quickest and most effective return on investment.


Our influencer agency philosophy

Paid influencer outreach is always transactional—leading to lukewarm content their followers immediately disregard. That's why we rely on organic outreach, which produces heartfelt content that actually converts.

That's why we're friends with our influencers—we invite them to all of our events and we love to attend theirs! Unlike other digital marketing agencies, we strongly believe in up-and-coming influencers rather than the Kim Kardashian influencers—these influencers have a fan base that's growing exponentially. And this fan base is composed of authentic fans who are much more engaged than paid followers.

They're also overlooked by most marketing firms—meaning we can build organic, mutually beneficial relationships that foster loyalty. We've built a wide-ranging influencer network of both local and national influencers—this allows us to segment by vertical, location and format to find the optimal influencers for your brand.


Our influencer marketing process

We always start by meeting with our client and working closely together to identify campaign goals. Then, we search our influencers across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more to evaluate which have the correct audience reach, focus, and social media following that will help us achieve the goals we've identified.

Once we've identified the influencers we'll utilize, we create and offer them text, visual and video content that resonates with their audience. The content offers early access or special deals surrounding our client's products, as well as other compelling benefits. The end result is authentic content that promotes our client's message without being overly promotional. The content always features links to our client's website, and contains beautiful visuals that spur sharing.


Portland location

Our location in the Pearl District, one of Portland's most creative communities, means we're surrounded by influencers that create beautiful content daily. Since we're in such a thriving business district—surrounded by tech giants like Airbnb and Survey Monkey as well as growing startups—we have a healthy network of B2B influencers. But we're also connected to thousands of consumer influencers (they regularly post to Instagram at the iconic locations near our office like Powell's City of Books and Voodoo Doughnut).


Let's create amazing together

Let's create amazing together

We're hungry. We're scrappy. We'd love to learn more about how we can help.